Thursday, November 09, 2006

Doua-zeci si opt

Yeah, I'm 28 now. And it feels good actually! My birthday was on the sixth. I had work that morning at ten AM. But before I left my roommates gave me Illuminati! Wahoo, now when the new expansion pack comes out, I will buy that as well as the old one. You will beware the Orbital Mind Control Lasers!

Work went by pretty fast, but it was no fun as I was at the worst of my cold. Grr, fever, chills, sore throat, aches, and achy sinuses made the entire day not quite as happy as it could have been. But I didn't let that keep me back.

After work my mom picked me up. I gave her a tour of the new place and she approved. Phew. Well, I knew that she would. It's a very nice place and very roomy. It's a big improvement over my last place. I went to my parents' place in Layton. I rested a lot there and took some meds. My mom gave me black clothes for work, some candy and some sorely needed new shoes. The black clothes were sorry needed too. I have to wear all black to work.

That night we went to my nephew's too. He was born on my sixteenth birthday. We had cake and ice cream and watched him open his gifts. (Everyone else ate, I didn't feel like it.) Those gifts included a drum set from his parents. Crazy parents!!

The next day I spent resting more and playing Upwords with my mother. Then I came home and went to work. After work is when I came and checked my mail and saw my e-cards. Thank you friends who sent those! I really enjoy them! Also thanks Bob for the phone call!

Two notes that are not birthday related. First, I've upgraded to the new beta blogger. It's really great and has good improvements. However, right now it says that I can't leave comments on non-beta blogs. So I've wanted to comment a couple of times and have been unable to do so. Sorry! Second, there is now a new Mega Monopoly that has a lot of ideas from my Super Monopoly. I'm going to buy it!! I'll let you know what it's like.

PS - I bought the game today!

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mightybob said...

vai de mine, mosule!