Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Monticello Monsters

Yes. I was not able to re-sign contracts with my complex. Why? Well, because the managers decided that many of us were too much trouble to let us re-sign. Their complaints range from, "You have been rude to us." to "You are a difficult roommate." or even "You slammed the door on us once." Yeah, they seem like petty reasons to me too. I am one who can't re-sign because I've had late rents. Now the good thing is a *few* of the people who received notes were able to convince Monticello to give them another chance. One of my roommates and one of my friends are some of them. However, I was not that lucky. Now the aggravating thing is that they gave us these notes five days before contract signing. How are people supposed to make housing plans in five days!?

I am very sad to have to move from this house. I have been here six years this spring. It's big and roomie and I have excellent roommates. I am going to miss it a lot. I am going to try to stay in the ward and move into a house across the street. It's a little smaller, but it's furnished well. I will do alright.

And for all the negative things... at least I won't have to deal with bass ackwards management anymore. You know, this isn't the first time they striked. Ever since they became managers they've been trying to break the status quo and homogenize their tenants. I'd love to list all the new rules and problems they've created. It makes me roll my eyes uncontrollably. My roommates are afraid of management now. They're afraid of holes in the wall, failing cleaning checks, getting late rent fees and all manner of things for fear that Monticello management will write it down in their little black book and next year trot it out and tell them that they cannot re-sign. Yeah, they cited things that happened over a year ago in order to not allow people to re-sign. Ugh.

There are many problems with our managers. I think their largest problem is the that they want zero confrontation with their tenants. I don't like seeing us, talking to us, writing to us, calling us, nothing. They want to pretend we don't exist. They complain and react if anything to the contrary happens. Let me first say, you HAVE to communicate with your tenants in order to be a manager! Second, if you don't want to see us or communicate with us, then MOVE away. Don't live on the same property as us, don't live next to us. We dislike you as much as you dislike us. Sadly for all of us... Sam still has TWO more years of school. So it's highly unlikely that any of us will outlast him. Bob have mercy on your souls Monticello tenants.

Sunday, February 05, 2006



First of all, I have successfully transferred from Internet Explorer to Firefox. There are a lot of cool things that I can use on Firefox, from blocking ads (permanently) to going back a page from just my mouse movement (no silly little back button.) The downfalls to Firefox are mostly to do with the Yahoo page. I can't do searches on Yahoo.com or watch musicvideos on launchcast. There are some problems with Quicktime as well. Luckily I did get a extension that will load pages in Firefox with Internet Explorer. It sounds complicated and but it really isn't.

Next matchup: The Ultimate Showdown This is a must see. Have you ever wondered who would win if all of the world's super-heroes and super-villains got it on? Well, now you can... and you might be surprised who wins. Once you've seen the clip... be sure to vote on the links underneath. It's important. ;)

Yet another showdown: Pirates versus Ninjas

Then one last showdown: Your icons. This one is just plain fun.