Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes Immediately

I love prayer.  I love it because it instantly puts me in touch with Heavenly Father.  I can ask or say whatever I like or need to in my prayers and I can say them whenever, as well. 

Yesterday, my day at work was "forecast" for a bad day.  I was assigned to be a cashier for the seven hours of my shift.  This rarely happens and it's always a bad day when it does.  As I was walking down the stairs of work to begin my shift, I said a quick prayer.  I asked Heavenly Father to help my day go by quickly and if He could help me have a good attitude.  I wanted to smile that day.  That was it. 

When I entered the service desk area, my supervisor said, "Congratulations!"  I thought, "What for?  Because I'm a cashier today?"  She continued, "You're Employee of the Month!"  I'm sure my face changed right then.  I was beaming!  To make it better, almost every employee that day congratulated me when they saw me.  Many of them told me why they think I deserve it too. 

It made a huge difference!  My day went by quickly and I felt appreciated.  On my way home, I said another prayer.  It was full of thankfuls and my happiness for having a Heavenly Father that answers little prayers and sometimes immediately.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goings-on and the zoo

I haven't blogged in awhile.  I haven't had writer's block, but I haven't had anything I considered interesting to write about.  But as I was sitting here watching Aaron play Dragon Age I thought of something to write about. 

I've written about The Escape once about a year ago.  Since then I've become President of the group.  It wasn't a big change.  Jeromy and I had planned activities for five years.  So many months of the year have set activities.  I was sad to see Jeromy leave his leadership of the group.  But I understood his reasons for leaving. 

May is one of those months with an annual activity.  Any of you that are friends with me on facebook, or members of the group on Yahoo or facebook already know.  But this Saturday we're going to Hogle Zoo for The Escape's Annual Gay Day at Hogle Zoo.  Wow, that was a mouthful.  This is activity is my baby.  QSaltLake hosts gay day at Lagoon annually.  I want Gay Day at Hogle Zoo to be large enough that it would go on even if I didn't go.  I want it to be The Escape's and my legacy.  Facebook has been a really good tool to make that happen.  Right now we have nearly 150 people planning on going.  It would make me immensely happy to go to Hogle on Saturday and see a sea of red shirts.

I don't think we're there yet.  But with time we could achieve that dream.