Saturday, October 28, 2006

Something new...

...and political! No, tonight I'm not bringing you anything trenchant (the original mandate for this blog). But it is political in nature. Last week I began watching a show whenever I see it on. It's Glenn Beck on CNN. I highly recommend it. He is conservative, but he doesn't care about party lines at all. So if Republicans or Democrats do something stupid, he points it out. Now I've never been a fan of political shows (radio or especially television) but Mr. Beck is entertaining. You learn something about the real state of politics in the United States but in an engaging manner. The other day a friend of a friend was over while I was watching the show. This acquaintance hates Glenn Beck, but I learned through him that Glenn Beck is LDS! (Glenn Beck was this person's relative's home teacher.) Yeah! And truthfully, I think it shows too. I checked on his site and Glenn Beck was baptized in 2000.

Check it out:

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