Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bigredhammer's Top Ten Top Ten Lists List

Okay, here you have it folks, the Big Red Hammer's Top Ten... Well, what it says in the title. These are lists that I found interesting, compelling, or just plain funny. And yes, some of them list more or less than ten items. I accept that.

10. The Top Five Signs Your Co-worker is a Ninja
In case you needed to guard against ninja attacks.

9. The Top Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth
And this one is bases in real science. It also lists what you will need to accomplish the feat.

8. The Top Ten Spanish Phrases That Don't Translate Well
I don't speak Spanish... but I wouldn't want to start with these phrases.

7. The Top Ten Secret Societies
Playing Illuminati has put me in the mood, but you never know... or do you? No you don't.

6. The Top Ten 80s Cartoons
Because the 80s have and always will be important... especially cartoons.

5. The Top Ten Scariest Movies
I love scary movies. And for those of you who don't, this will provide you with the list to stay away from.

4. The Seven Wonders of the Modern World
I think it's plain interesting. Wouldn't it be an incredible world tour to visit them all?

3. The Top Ten Richest Men of All Time
Wouldn't it pay to study up on the most powerful men?

2. The Most Popular Scientific Myths
This one is more applicable to everyday life.

1. The Top Ten Baby Names
You might find this to be an odd choice for my number one list. But hey, I've heard of so many stupid baby names... well, don't get me started. But I believe a baby's name has a lot of bearing on its life. So here's my hint: No misspellings, new names, or names that are things. You'll be good to go if you follow that.

So! Those are my lists. Feel free to add any you may have seen that caught your eye.

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