Friday, February 12, 2010


An hour ago, Aaron and I went to Trolley Square to leave some flowers.  It's the three year anniversary of the shooting there.  We didn't see any other flowers or reminders while we were.  But the last bullet hole is still there.  It's a good reminder of what happened and I hope it's never repaired.  My thoughts go out to those whose lives were changed by that event.

Trolley Square seemed more lively than on our last visit.  There are still a lot of holes of unfilled stores.  Sharper Image is one of those holes.  I wonder if there is more foot traffic.  It was busy tonight but that could be because it's Friday night before Valentine's Day and there is a fund raiser going on too.  The fund raiser is for victims of the Haiti quake, but it was created by one of the survivors of the shooting.

I'm glad we have the yearly reminder to treasure those close to us and be thankful when God spares our lives.

Monday, February 08, 2010


I wish it were spring.  Actually I wish it were summer, but I realize spring must happen first, so I'll settle for that.  It's the sunny days we've been having.  The air is still a little brisk.  And there are clumps of snow everywhere.  But blue skies, sunlight in the morning, and longer days have me wishing dark, dreary winter were gone.  That's why I changed my blog to look a little more spring-winter transitioned.  I normally rename my blog to fit, but "Big Red Not-Really-Spring Hammer" didn't sound good.

To let you know how much I wish it were summer, I have already put up a "Countdown Till Pride" countdown calendar on my facebook profile.  So you're informed, we have 115 days.  I feel gypped from last year's Pride.  It poured on our parade.  And then I caught H1N1 and spent the next few days in a dark room feeling awful.  I didn't get to do most of the fun things I wanted to.  I hope this year will be different.

I also wish our home teachers would have made an appointment.  I didn't hear anything from them in January.  I really had my hopes up too.  But maybe some other time.

I also need to sit down and write my parents a letter or e-mail to let them know how much I appreciated their love and support for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They treated Aaron and I very well.  I'm sure it must have been hard for them.  But I was touched.

Enough of my ramblings.  I hope you're having a great week!