Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Presidential Opinion

Today President Obama announced that his views have evolved and he now supports gay marriage.  Hoorah!  It really is a momentous day!  It is one more step towards marriage equality.  But you know we all expected it anyway.  Way back when he first said his views were evolving, we knew that was code for, "I'm waiting for the right time to share those views."  That day is today!

So I was reading the Yahoo article on the announcement.  In the comments (which are always hilarious/interesting) there were a lot of detractors.  Here was my response:

I love hearing how so many of you say, "Oh this will never happen..  Oh these numbers are cooked," etc.  But cast your thoughts forward.  How do you see this ending?  In ten years will it be illegal to be gay?  Will we have found a cure for homosexuality?  Will we have passed a Constitutional ban on gay marriage and that will be the end of story? 


Do you think that gay people will settle for some form of middle ground and leave it there? 


So where does that leave us?  Full marriage equality.  Gays and lesbians fully accepted as complete strong members of society.  Just think it through logically.  Peel away your bias and ask what will happen. You may be afraid of the answer, but it is the same answer anyway.


Gauss Jordan said...

This has been interesting to observe from afar. I'm living on the far side of the planet now, and see a somewhat filtered (or differently-filtered?) view of American news that's much less senationalist. What I'm more interested in is Romney's followers, and their reaction.

Anna said...

I love your blog, it's inspiring :)

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