Sunday, November 19, 2006

Steve Jackson has irked me!

Yes, our good friend Steve Jackson has done it again. The Illuminati expansion Bavarian Fire Drill has been postponed yet again! It was originally scheduled for May of 2006. Now it has been moved back (yet again) to January. When will it end? I got Illuminati for my birthday and I would really like this expansion to come out so I can buy it and the previous expansion. It is very frustrating.

In other news, one of my roommates has moved out. So I now have my own bedroom. I've started moving stuff in. It was Kristen who said that once you have your own bedroom it's very hard to share again. She is right!

Things are looking very good at work too. I can't put it up here yet, because it's not official and I'm not supposed to share... but it's very good news. I can tell you that I've done very well and in the past couple weeks I've sold three massage chairs. We get $25 bonuses for each one we sell. I really *love* my job!

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