Thursday, September 21, 2006

How dare you...

...insult Turkishness. I just read an article about an author who is bring tried because one of his fictional characters insulted "turkishness". Apparently it is illegal in Turkey to "insult Turkey, 'Turkishness' or the government." That is ridiculous. Not only is it a serious inhibition of free speech rights, but how do you define "Turkishness"? If I said that I thought Turkish Delight was disgusting (which is exactly the contrary) could I be arrested? It is Turkish afterall. This is coming from a country trying very hard to get into the European Union. But both sides of the issue are using the case to support their cause. The author did get acquited. So progressives are saying that Turkey is making progress. Traditionalists are using the proceedings to keep Turkey out of the EU. Personally, unless the government cannot see the absurdity of the law, then I don't think they should join. Truth is, they will have to give up *many* of their Islamic fundamentalist ways if they want to join the EU. You can look at that positively or negatively. Either way, they need to be willing to go all or nothing.

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