Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hello again

Hey all, just checking in again. How are all of you doing? Has school started? I'm doing pretty well. I don't have much to report right now. Our house is cleaner now and things are starting to have some order to it. Aaron and I worked on the back porch today. There were a lot of leaves and branches and even some broken glass, but that's all taken care of now. Our friends still have their stuff in our living room so we aren't really moved in yet. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day they will be able to move into their place. When their stuff goes out, our place will look so bare. But it's a nice place with lots of room. I'll take some pictures when it's clean and post them on here.

It's pretty cool up here though. Aaron and I were driving in Sugarhouse (which is pretty close to us) and found a fun used bookstore. Aaron turned in two boxes of books and so he has $75 credit at the store. He let me use the credit to get two books, one is a sci-fi and the other is 100 spooky short stories. It'll be perfect for our Halloween reading. They're all about a page or two long. Perfect.

Well, I'm going to turn in my first job application today. I miss money. I can't wait for that first check... when I'll get online and go to t-mobile and get a cell phone. *sigh* I miss cell phones too. That way I can actually keep in contact with people (namely my mom... she worries about me because she can't contact me at will. lol) I miss you guys too. I'm trying to figure out how I can go to the Stake Opening Social. Do you guys have details on it yet? When is it, etc? Let me know.

Well, I best get going. But I hope all is well in Happy Valley.

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mightybob said...

this friday at 6 or 7 (not sure which). good luck finding a job! let us know what your new cell # is so we can harass you again :P
mai vorbim,