Monday, August 28, 2006

My new home

Yes, I made it. I am now officially moved into our new place. Well, only in the fact that I now live there. None of our stuff is put away (and our friends' stuff is there too). But here I am. Already today I put away some of the kitchen stuff, fed the geese at the park, set up my computer (no wireless internet to pirate), and gotten a library card at the Salt Lake City Library.

I will be checking out "Dune: House Atreides". The sad part is that unlike the Provo City Library, the SLC Library does not group the science fiction and fantasy books in one section. They're spread through the adult fiction section. Silly. How am I to find new book ideas or series to read? I did look in the juvenile section and they have sci-fi grouped together. And they aren't just juvy lit either, it's the same kind of stuff that I looked at in Provo. So all is not lost.

Oh, you may be wondering how I am blogging this. I'm using the SLC Library computers. Interesting fact, Liberty Park is Wi-Fi accessible for free. Makes me wish I had a laptop. I could go hang in the park, play some chess, feed the geese, and blog. *sigh* That would be the life. Tonight for FHE I will probably go by myself to a foreign dance festival they are having in the park for free. That'll be fun. Maybe I'll call up Kristen and invite her. I know I'm rambling, but it would be very nice to get a job at the library. Gill, Kate, are there jobs at libraries that don't take a degree in library science or custodial work? I would love to work here. :)

Well, that is my update. I hope all is well in Provo. I miss all of you a lot. But I will talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

They definitely have jobs for non-library degree folks, but they might not pay much. And it'll vary from library to library. Best of luck!

Madam_Author said...

Ditto on what Gillian said. Ususally shelvers, circulation workers and stuff like that doesn't require a degree, but a reference worker probably would. Check out the SLC public library website it should have a listing for jobs.

mightybob said...

i'm glad you're not too far from a duck/goose pond. that would be a shame.
we missed you at the trc! there were only 3 of us. they kept me busy for a full 4 waves. it's sad to think this past monday will be my last time there for romanian.
keep in touch, or kate and gill and i will REALLY get together and have a funeral for you. and we'll send you the eulogy. *muuhahahaha*

ishtheintrepid said...

I worked in reference between semesters of college and didn't need a degree for that.