Sunday, February 05, 2006



First of all, I have successfully transferred from Internet Explorer to Firefox. There are a lot of cool things that I can use on Firefox, from blocking ads (permanently) to going back a page from just my mouse movement (no silly little back button.) The downfalls to Firefox are mostly to do with the Yahoo page. I can't do searches on or watch musicvideos on launchcast. There are some problems with Quicktime as well. Luckily I did get a extension that will load pages in Firefox with Internet Explorer. It sounds complicated and but it really isn't.

Next matchup: The Ultimate Showdown This is a must see. Have you ever wondered who would win if all of the world's super-heroes and super-villains got it on? Well, now you can... and you might be surprised who wins. Once you've seen the clip... be sure to vote on the links underneath. It's important. ;)

Yet another showdown: Pirates versus Ninjas

Then one last showdown: Your icons. This one is just plain fun.

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Madam_Author said...

Oddly enough, I get *more* pop-ups (or rather pop-unders) with Firefox and I hate tabs, I actually like all the windows I have open on my taskbar (even have my OS customized so that it doesn't group items in my taskbar). Call me odd, but I prefer explorer.