Sunday, January 22, 2006

Funny that,

So as I spoke about in a previous post... I am in a Trek mood. So I have done something about it. I now have joined a Star Trek Sim: The USS Katana of the Obsidian Fleet. For those of you who don't know "nerd" well enough to translate, I will help you. In a Star Trek sim, I portray one character (in this case my favorite character, Lt. Scott Donnelly, Chief of Security) . We write in story format about our character and their interactions with each other and the missions we go on. The captain chooses the story arcs and the things that go on. And no... there aren't any dice to roll, meeting in dark basements to trade cards, going to conferences or any such "nerd fare". It's just writing using Trek as a backdrop. I really enjoy writing. This is a great outlet for it.

I have also downloaded a whole bunch of Star Trek desktop photos. They look very good in fact. I am also in the process of finding and downloading all of the Star Trek: Voyager series. In case you were wondering, Voyager is my favorite Trek series. And for those of you who do speak "nerd", before you burn me at the stake... I like Voyager best because how familial the crew is. Next Gen always seemed like they just treated each other like co-workers, you come to work, do your thing, and then go home and forget about the other people. So Janeway or not... I like Voyager best.

"Better safe than assimilated."


Madam_Author said...

Better hope the MPAA doesn't read your blog and find out you are downloading episodes! They might just go back and cut into the set painter's earnings! Hehe

How many episodes do you have now?

BigRedHammer said...

LOL. I love that joke Kate. Reminds me of those awful commercials that used to show before movies. lol Such bold faced lies!

I have 24 episodes and get about 2 more every day. And don't worry, as I get fuller seasons, I intend on sharing with you and Gill.

It will be lots of fun to have Voyager nights!