Sunday, November 13, 2005

Et Cetera

It's Saturday night. It's cold outside. But I'm feeling warm and comfortable sitting here in my hoodie. (This is the first hoodie I've ever owned.) I have some food in the oven. It will be ready to take out in about 12 minutes. It's penne pasta with marinara. Mmmm.

A few recommendations:

Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance
The song has energy! And as the song suggests... Dance! I only know one other Fall Out Boy song, "Sugar, We're Going Down" and I recommend both for download. They have a unique sound.

Erasure - Breathe
The song is soft and slow. I'm sure you could do some kind of zen meditation with it in the background. (As if I knew anything about zen meditation.) I'm going to be downloading the other Erasure songs from the same album. I've high hopes.

Axe - Touch
Sounds like a heavy metal hair band doesn't it? This acutally is not a song... but a deodorant bodyspray. You've probably seen the commercials. Well let me tell you, it's almost more of a cologne than a deodorant. And well, women love it! So men, here's the BigRedHammer's recommendation! (And the bottle is red too. Perfect.)

So that's all I have to say tonight. Here's the BigRedHammer signing off.


. said...

I love Erasure! Ambient music at its best, if I remember correctly.

mightybob said...

Nothin' quite like hot penne and a hoodie, eh?
Axe - is that the shampoo Kyle used, too? I love it when men wear subtle scents (rather than dousing themselves with enough cologne to gag a maggot) so you can only smell it when they're close. Like the smell of Daniel's fabric softener when he gives me a hug, or Kyle's shampoo when I'm giving him a noogie... Mmmm...

. said...

I like girls that smell like fruit.

Err...maybe that is just the smell that I like.