Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Salute to Elder Evanko!

My roommate Kyle left for the MTC this afternoon. Tonight is his first night there. In fact, he's probably headed to bed right now. (What a difficult transition that must be for Kyle!) He would often stay up later than I did. And I'm sure the shock and loneliness could be there tonight as he lays in bed. Wow. Just thinking about all the transitions a teenager has to go through to become a missionary... it's mind boggling. But he will be there two months. People who have been there 4 weeks will seem like old timers to him. He'll be there Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. It's like the group right before me in the MTC. I hope he has good teachers and does his best. I know he'll do very well as a missionary.

Here's to you Kyle!!


mightybob said...

Here, here! to the Silly Pickle of silly pickles! Life will have lost a twinge of luster with Kyle away. He was like the obnoxious little brother I never had... *sniffle!*
Let me know if you get a letter from him, or anything with his exact address on it (I'm sure I can fudge it otherwise, but the exact thing would be nice). I'll need to know where to send him his slurpee (parcel post) muuhahaha!

. said...

How fun,
Missionary work is amazing stuff.

By the way,
I named a character in one of my books the Big Red Hammer,
you are much nicer than him, but what can I say?

BigRedHammer said...

Bob - We'll all miss our Kyle! He was a great roommate and (still) friend. Btw, I posted his MTC address on the ward website.

Brock - I'm flattered! If your book should become popular I will be sure to buy one and tell all my friends that BigRedHammer was loosely based on me. lol