Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So this Friday at 9:05 AM I will be flying out of Salt Lake City Airport to San Jose, CA. I'll be staying with my friend Chris till Monday night. Well, I just looked at the forecast for that area: a high of 72 degrees! We currently have a high of 39 and a low of 23 here in Provo! I just walked home from work (5 blocks) and it's COLD! But in a few days I will be nice and warm, shirt sleeves and the like. *grin*. I will also be doing fun things like visiting the Bay, going to Muir Woods Park and walking among the redwoods. You know, when I planned this vacation I didn't really need it. But I was invited out and it was cheap, so I did it. Now... I need it. I need a break from the mundane and the repetitive. I know it will freshen my outlook. I still have a lot to do be ready, but it will be done.

Yeah for sunny and warm California!


Anonymous said...

You're coming to Ca for the weekend?
Muir woods is awesome. You should see Yosemite too :P Or at least Carmel-Point Lobos since thats in the general bay area, or the Oakland temple is cool too!

your ca friend.

. said...

I am so jealous.

I will never forget the time I flew over there for Christmas, I left snowy Salt Lake in coat, sweater, and jeans and got to sunny California wishing I wore shorts and a T-shirt.

Maybe do a California post for us while you are there. At least bring something "Cali" back to post on your blog.

mightybob said...

And I'll stay in Utah with my spiced cider and fleece blanket. Wave to Stockton for me, OK?