Saturday, August 20, 2005


Ah... the origin of the BigRedHammer. I remember when... *wavy lines appear* It was July of 2004. Turbulent times were afoot in America. Our presidential candidates were at each others' throats. And a young (one year younger anyway) Scott got it into his mind to start his own blog. Now he already had two internet/life nicknames. But he didn't feel that either were appropriate for his blog persona. So a brief brainstorm ensued. Scott looked around the room for ideas. His eyes rested upon the game, "Killing Doctor Lucky". There is a card in that game, "The Big Red Hammer" which is Scott's favorite card in the game. And then it hit him like a... well, a big red hammer. That should be his name! So, contrary to popular belief, the BigRedHammer was not named for covert communist missions or politics, but rather for a card in an immensely fun game. I also find it odd that the BigRedHammer lives in the WhiteHouse. Very odd.

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. said...

Very odd indeed... Thank you for the much needed explanation and the cool link, the game looks wonderful.

I have always loved clue but Kill Doctor Lucky sounds like bliss - I cannot wait!