Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What a long day...

I went to my grandma's funeral today. It was sad, yes. But in a way it was happy too. My grandma was 81 years old and had been paralyzed over half her body for 33 years. That is a long time. But it was a full and worthwhile life. She did so many things even with the paralyzation. I guess the most moving part of the funeral was when each of her six children got up and gave memories they had of their mother. My mom's talk especially touched me. Missing my grandma wasn't the hard part. It was feeling how much my mother and her siblings missed their mother and wondering what that would be like. Sad. On the bright side, she is no longer paralyzed. She can run and jump and dance. (I did not know this till today, but she used to love to dance.) As well, the food was very good too. :)

It was an emotionally draining day. Besides that I got up early too. So here I am, it's 12:21 am and I really should go to bed. But I'm going to go play SkipBo. Woot.

I did just win at Cities and Knights too. I really like the game. You can still win even if you're trapped. The game has so many ways to undermine other people and still build yourself. How I love that game. What a great investment.


mightybob said...

I'm glad the food was good at the funeral. There's nothing worse than shabby food when you're already weepy.

A couple of friends and I watched "Unstrung Heroes" together the other day and were discussing whether it's better to die quickly without warning or to go slowly and progressively, knowing it's coming. My friend's father died immediately of a massive heart attack. Boom. Healthy one day, gone the next. Both of my grandparents slowly wasted away - one of Alzheimers and the other of Parkinson's disease. It was difficult to see them suffering - physically, mentally, and emotionally as they slowly lost their independence. My grandma asked her sons for a special blessing, requesting that God let her die. He kept her around for a few more months, for a purpose only He knows. Although it hurt to see her suffering, it was a time I was able to learn from her and serve her in ways I couldn't before. And we got to say goodbye.

I dunno. Tough call.

Sounds like you're getting a lot of playing out of your system before classes start back up. Play on, buddy. Maybe I'll let you kill Dr. Lucky next time ;)...

. said...

I have got to get my hands on this Dr.Lucky game!

As for the funeral...I am not sure what to say except that death is a part of life I hope I can learn to accept without fear.