Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Toyota jump!

It is official. We are moved into White House North. And let me tell you, life is good. I still don't have a digital camera, so I can't show you the house room by room. But it so very clean and nice. Beautiful white walls, clean carpet, new furniture, new bunk beds, and tons of space! Yesterday I bought a wireless router and network card so we're online too. *happy sigh* I missed you dear internet. Come see our house. You'll be impressed.

On another note, I am volunteering at BYU Education Week this week. Today was the first day. I am hosting at the Smith Field House for youth classes. I spend most of my time directing the youth the right way and checking for name badges and proper clothing. It's not bad. But I'm standing nearly the whole time. Oh it felt good today when I finally sat down. I met my mom and and aunt for the traditional "meal on mom". I went to some good classes as well. I really love BYU Ed Week. I learn so much and the Spirit is excellent.

That is all. Goodnight.


mightybob said...

Ummm... so what's all that got to do with a jumping Toyota??

mightybob said...

How come you never respond to comments?

BigRedHammer said...

Ummm... what do you mean? I reply to comments all the time. *shifty eyes*

mightybob said...

so now you're stoic with shifty eyes, eh?... I don't think my mom wants me associating with THAT kind of people... *raspberry*

. said...

Education week...I have friends and family up there this year, I wanted to go but couldn't because of my work and because school starts here very soon. I have been to E-Week two times before and I miss it.


Have fun though.

Also, why do you call yourself the Big Red Hammer? I 'm just curious.