Thursday, July 14, 2005

"These words..."

"Are my own." I just found a new song. It is so catchy. I'm listening to it again and again. But those who know me, know that that is very common. The music video is good. Kinda original, kinda fun. And on the recommendation of my roommate Kyle, I just watched the music video for "Cool" by Gwen Stefani. It is also a great video. I'm a big fan of Gwen. I'm very excited/happy to find out that she will be in concert in SLC at the Ecenter in October. She will be performing alongside Black Eyed Peas. I am definitely going to be at that concert. I just gotta remember as it gets closer to buy my ticket. You know, I've actually only ever been to one concert before: U2 and No Doubt. It was superb. Both bands put on a good show.

"These words are my own / From my heart flow"


mightybob said...

I've got you beat - 2 concerts... The Verve Pipe and Everclear... neither was my choice. Oh, wait, and then there was Holograf si Prieteni in Iasi (Prieteni including Vita de Vie and 3rei Sud Est). I've been wanting to win tickets on the radio, but I may just break down and buy Jack Johnson tix for next month. I'm excited James Taylor is coming, but I probably won't go to that. Oh, but Howard Jones is coming to the McKay Center, and tix are only $17.50... but I probably won't go to that one, either. I'll be honest - large groups of noisy people intimidate me (including ward prayer sometimes). But then, let's not get into my psychosis. You just have fun with Gwen, eh?

BigRedHammer said...

"If you loved me, you'd get me a ticket to the concert."

Seems like a good ice breaker to me!

mightybob said...

Don't you wish I loved you that much?

Sorry, couldn't resist.