Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Me, me me

Ouch, sunburn can hurt. Mondays can hurt. And itchy bug bites can hurt. Woot and double woot. Today is Tuesday. But it is Kyle's and my Monday (first workday of the week). We only went in at 5 (instead of 3). But I'm on a Toys R Us survey. It's 18-22 minutes long and well... it's just not enjoyable. It's very repetitive and people get bored of it. I'm a pretty good surveyer too. I once got a woman thru a 45 minute survey... that due to her constant yammering lasted 80 minutes! I get compliments on my voice too. But all this does not change the fact that I would rather not work there. I need a car, a new job, and well... more money. lol Okay, I'd settle for the car.

1 comment:

mightybob said...

What on earth is a woot?
PS I'm going car shopping on Saturday if you wanna come.