Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ring Worthy? I think not!

Before you jump to conclusions... I refer to "The Ring" not wedding bands. lol. Last night my friend Robert and I saw "Dark Water". When I saw that it was from the writer of the Ring I had high hopes. And not that those hopes were dashed as much as slowly placed in a small box and then smashed. It's a good movie, but it doesn't instill near the fear that I had hoped. Look forward to a happy ending with a melancholy flavor. Not the horror and creepy feeling that the Ring excelled in. Perhaps renting this movie would be the best. I will give it a... 7 on the Fear Scale.

In other news, my back is still as red as well... burned skin. I expect it will be a beautiful tan in another day or two. I toasted my front a little today too. I love having a wonderful pre-cancerous glow. (As long as it stays 'pre'.)

Life continues in our little attic. Kyle and I looked at our old house (the one being remodeled). And not to our surprise, nothing has happened. They have a month left to finish... I hope, hope, hope, that they get it done in time!

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Anonymous said...

::shock:: you mean you don't want to live in Fort A. for another 8 months?
They might switch your contract to FA if they can't finish it. (I see some new carpet... thats... something)

How did you get a pre-cancerous glow? The pool?