Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Feminism and Inferiority

This past year I've noticed a prominent trend in the media (especially television). So often men are portrayed as being stupid brutes. Examples abound from any sitcom you care to name to television ads and movies. The first that comes to mind is a Carl's Junior commercial. A mid-twenty-something male is standing in front of an aisle of food in the supermarket. He stares slack-jawed at the many different brands of some product. The commercial closes with the statement, "If it weren't for Carl's Junior some men wouldn't eat." Most examples actually contrast a neanderthal-brained man with a clever and well-put-together woman who can show him the error of his ways or how to operate something.

It was only tonight that I thought that perhaps this is the liberal media's attempt at embracing the feminist movement. The first paragraph of this entry is obvious once it's been pointed out. My guess that it's part of feminism is only supposition. I notice as well that most instances of this are meant to be humorous. It's considered comedy to have stupid men and clever women.

It's interesting because it seems like the writers of this kind of comedy believe they are appealing to both genders. Eh, what do I know... maybe it does. But if you have a more refined sense of humor (like me) you won't find it funny. LOL I'm kidding of course. Just keep your eyes open, you'll see this humor all over.

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