Friday, September 03, 2004

Terrorist Brutality

I just read about the attack on the terrorist-held school in Russia. The other day I was watching a music video that had children in school portraying the way we treat enemy combatants (blindfolded and arms tied). And I thought perhaps that is a brutal way to treat them. All people need a certain amount of respect.

Well, I was wrong. When anyone does something as heinous as kill innocent children for their own political purposes, they deserve to lose respect and most of their 'human' rights. These terrorists in Russia didn't just have children hostages by accident. No, they chose to hole up in a school. And now there is a possibility of over 150 children, parents, or teachers dead. The article said an explosion went off inside the school. The hostages took that as a sign to escape. The terrorists shot them down as they ran. You do things like that, you had better not expect any mercy or any rights when you are found. It's cowardly. And I know they will get their reward.

Now I have to applause Russia for standing strong against terrorism. Many people may say, "Just release the rebels so you can get your children back." But I don't think that they realize the danger that that response will put the entire nation in. If you give in even once the terrorists win. They now know a way to get what they want. Next time they want something all they have to do is march into a school and hold them hostage again. It's a cycle of fear that won't end. At least someone in Russia understands this. Earlier this year I was sad to see that Spain doesn't understand it. Rather than stand against terrorism with us as brothers, they chose to cave to terrorism. Sad.

It is strong language, but I hope those terrorists burn in hell.


Madam_Author said...

Hey there, just catching up on your blog (and posting in mine). It's been a busy week.
I agree with you completely. I was sickened when I read the news story. What good does it do to try and get your point across by killing anyone, especially innocent children? I don't watch the news very often simply because it is always filled with stories of violence, whether it is our troops in Iraq, or fighting in Isreal, or this situation. It's depressing.

Map Maker said...

The death toll is in the 300-400 range now last I saw. So sad.