Sunday, August 29, 2004

Lithographs and missionaries

Yesterday I went to Salt Lake and worked for my Bishop for thirteen hours. He works for a sports memorabilia business. This Saturday BYU will be honoring the 1984 football team. They won the national championship. Bishop Larsson's business would be selling a lithograph (fancy poster) with the signatures of the starting line. It was a long day. Each athlete had to sign 1,200 lithographs and in the thirteen hours we did six athletes.

Overall, I'm very glad I did it. Shayla, a girl I know worked with me as well. For lunch we went with Kurt (I forget his last name, but I know it's Hawaiian.) to a sports bar. He was a very nice guy. He had been in two superbowls. I saw and held his superbowl ring as well. The thing is HUGE. Like the head of a baby.

One of the football players was in prison for a time and he couldn't sign the lithograph. So they allowed his mother to sign for him. While we were helping her the Olympics were on the television. I mentioned something about Romania and how I always root for them. Sister Larsson told the woman that I had served a mission there. She didn't know anything about missions or missionaries so I got to explain it all to her. I mentioned that we did a lot of street contacting. And she asked, "Well, how would you contact me if I were a Romanian (don't speak in Romanian though.)?" Ah, such a prime answer. So I gave her a shortened introduction. I didn't bear my testitmony of anything like that. But now this woman knows who the missionaries are and what they do. That is a large step right there. Perhaps one day she will invite them in. Perhaps.

It's not often here in Provo that I have any opportunities to do missionary work. But the opportunities exist. You merely have to have the courage to act and be able to recognize the opportunities too. Anyway, it felt good.

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