Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sometimes Immediately

I love prayer.  I love it because it instantly puts me in touch with Heavenly Father.  I can ask or say whatever I like or need to in my prayers and I can say them whenever, as well. 

Yesterday, my day at work was "forecast" for a bad day.  I was assigned to be a cashier for the seven hours of my shift.  This rarely happens and it's always a bad day when it does.  As I was walking down the stairs of work to begin my shift, I said a quick prayer.  I asked Heavenly Father to help my day go by quickly and if He could help me have a good attitude.  I wanted to smile that day.  That was it. 

When I entered the service desk area, my supervisor said, "Congratulations!"  I thought, "What for?  Because I'm a cashier today?"  She continued, "You're Employee of the Month!"  I'm sure my face changed right then.  I was beaming!  To make it better, almost every employee that day congratulated me when they saw me.  Many of them told me why they think I deserve it too. 

It made a huge difference!  My day went by quickly and I felt appreciated.  On my way home, I said another prayer.  It was full of thankfuls and my happiness for having a Heavenly Father that answers little prayers and sometimes immediately.


Anonymous said...

Well, It's a good day for you!

I've had like that several times. I prayed, then something good immediately happened. But, it didnt always work like that. Sometimes, I felt that my prayer were not answered just the way I wanted.


ishtheintrepid said...

Awesome! :)

beanpole4 said...

Did you know that Shopko never used to have employee of the month. They started it when my sister worked there in Orem for the four or five years she worked there. In fact she is the first known employee of the month in Shopko.