Thursday, March 12, 2009


So last weekend Aaron and I and two other friends went to 24 Hour fitness. Aaron and I went with the intent of joining. (The membership people weren't there as it was late, so we couldn't join that day.) It was the first time I'd set foot in a gym since maybe 2003 or so. Back at BYU I worked out with my friend Reed for a semester or two. Ever since that time I've wanted to go back. I either didn't have the time, money, or a workout partner. Now I have all three.

Aaron had never been to a gym. Our two friends Dan and Jer both took turns working out with us. We went easy and it was fun. I did cardio for the first time ever. When I worked out at BYU I never did cardio. I was trying to gain weight not lose it.

After working out and one more run of cardio we went to the steam room for awhile and then used the hot tub. I'll tell you the truth, having access to a hot tub 24/7 is a major motivation for Aaron and I. I have the added motivation of knowing how much fun working out is and the great changes it enduces. One more bit of motivation: Our gym (in Sugarhouse) is full of hot guys! Some of you may gasp that I would admit that. Aaron and I are a great couple. We love each other an awful lot. That being said, we both *love* checking out guys. As I sometimes say, "We have a closed relationship, but we have open eyes." We will scope out hot men point them out to the other. We even have some code words and hand signals to that effect. I think, by joining the gym, Aaron and I will add ourselves to those hot men's ranks.

So four days later my arms are still a little sore. LOL I remember it being that way when I started working out the first time. I'm a skinny guy (with a little padding now) and it has always been hard for me to gain weight (muscle or otherwise). I know this will bump my metabolism and body in the right direction and I'm excited to see the results! I'll keep you updated.

PS - I know some of my blog readers and are wondering about the ketchup. It's a pun (gasp!) on catching up.


Ezra said...

It also says "soylent red" on the label, which is a joke from the movie Soylent Green with Charlton Heston.

I am in 24 hour fitness in Hollywood, and there's some cute guys, but not that many... I guess all the hot guys go to LA fitness or Crunch or whatever...

I need to lift weights, but I don't know what to do, and after I've finished cardio, I am so wiped and sweaty I just want to go home.

Captain Midnight said...

It's all good. My boyfriend and I check out guys all the time, and we're monogamous too :) That's one of the fun things about a gay relationship, you can be attracted to the same people

David Baker-@DB389 said...

Not gonna lie, there are a lot of Hot guys at the Sugarhouse 24 hr fitness. I however have vowed never to step into that location ever again and probably wont hit up gyms for a little while. I had a bad experience there at that one, but yes the 24 hr hot tub is a nice bonus/incentive for going.

El Genio said...

Life is all about hot tubs IMO :)