Saturday, February 14, 2009

Trolley Square Anniversary

The day before yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Trolley Square shooting. I had to work that evening so Aaron and I were unable to visit the mall until half an hour before it closes. I bought some flowers to leave there. There was one little set of flowers there and a candle burning. It was good to know that someone remembered.

I hope that there were more flowers earlier. Perhaps mall management had already removed the other memorials. I know that reminding customers that people died in that spot is not good for business. But for one day, it should be acceptable.

Truthfully, I wish they had a plaque, a statue, or some kind of memorial there. I think it's very important to remember these sort of things. But the mall is there to make money not to memorialize those who passed into the next life. I didn't lose anyone in the shooting but I'm fortunate that I'm still alive. I'm lucky that none of my co-workers or customers were harmed, especially when it was so close.

It hardly seems possible that it was two years ago. Simultaneously it feels like it was a few months ago and 5-6 years ago. I can remember it very well, but it feels very distant.

Aaron said something yesterday that I'm trying to remember, "I think it's good to commemorate these events so that we can remember what we do have and how blessed we are."

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