Friday, November 14, 2008


I am feeling particularly creative right now. I just finished making a How to Host a Murder Mystery into the form I needed it. Yes, yes, it took me over a year to actually finish it. But it's done! Regular murder mysteries are four men and four women. I needed one to be eight men. So I had to change all the female names to male names, and make all their attributes male too. This would have been very easy but for one thing: One of the females was pregnant. That fact is very important for the story as it determines heirship. It took me *forever* to determine how to fix that. But I did it!

I still have the bug though. I want to keep working on one. I have one that I started maybe six years ago and it's well on its way. I was looking over it today and it's very creative, if I do say so myself. So I can either finish that one, or begin another. This old one is nice because it's for five men and five women, so more people can participate. It's also completely from scratch.

If I do start another murder mystery, I have two ideas in mind. I could either do a Clue based mystery, or I thought of a campaign party murder mystery. The first option is classic and a lot of fun. I *love* Clue! The second is pretty good idea too. Aaron made a good suggestion too. I don't have to make an all male murder mystery this time. Now that I'm out to all my friends I can have men and women. And that does make it a lot easier!

On another creative note, I am also very good at modifying existing games and improving them. For my birthday Aaron got me a Planet Earth trivia game. It was a lot of fun to play. It's a DVD game, so you get to see lots of beautiful scenery from our amazing planet. But... it wasn't competitive enough! So my wheels are turning on how to improve it. It'll be good.

And lastly, a short list of games I've improved or created:

Murder Mysteries
Jungle Tag
Super Monopoly
Clue Live
Murder in the Dark
...and there are others.

Milton Bradley should hire me!

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Josch Beres said...

I love CLUE as well. It was and is my favorite game. That sounds really fun. Wish I could play it! And they would be stupid not to hire you!