Friday, September 26, 2008

Things Are Improving

Yesterday was my last day at Staples. For those that don't know about it, I'll update you quickly. I started looking for a job in August. I applied everywhere and it seemed that no one was hiring. After all, no one called me for an interview. Then I got a call from Staples and I took the job. I really needed the money. One week later I had a call from Circuit City for an interview. I took a job there. I went to Staples and let them know that I needed to quit. I had hoped they would let me go without having to put in my two weeks. After all, I had only worked there three days. The manager wanted me to stay the remaining two weeks because I was already on the schedule.

So a few days ago the manger offered me a quarter more pay than Circuit City if I would stay. I really considered it. Staples is closer and within walking distance than CCity. I like the people at Staples better as well. But the position was only head cashier and I'd just be standing behind a register all day. I can do much better than that.

So yesterday I turned down the promotion and said that I would not be able to work there any longer. It is a relief to be done with two jobs. I was working every day and with alternating hours.

It also feels great to have money in the bank and a steady income. Now the downside is that at CCity you have to earn full-time hours. So I can expect 30+ hours every week, but I won't know how many until the week comes. That means there will be variation in my paycheck. I like to have reliable income. I am not the most financially inclined so reliability helps me out a lot.

On another note, aren't you loving this weather? It's 80 degrees out right now and today's high is 85! I was walking outside in shorts and it was heaven. I wish this cold would go away and I'd be enjoying it even more!

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