Monday, June 11, 2007

Not a good weekend

So I was working on Saturday. The day was going pretty good. There weren't any returns (which I hate). I had only eaten a bowl of cereal before work and I was very hungry. My hands were actually shaking. And as you guys know, when I get hungry I get really cranky. I was really cranky. But my roommate Aaron had brought pork chops he had made the day before. So I told my co-workers that I was going in the back to eat.

I put the pork chops in the microwave and went to the bathroom. When I came out Ryan (my co-worker) was in the back. Someone had a return. I'm the only one who can do returns. I knew something would interrupt my eating. Well, I went out and and helped the woman. Luckily, she was easy to work with. I got it taken care of pretty quick.

So I went in the back again and tested the temperature of the pork chop. It wasn't hot. So I put it in again. When the microwave pinged I pulled it out and looked for our plastic forks. They were all gone. Grrrr. I didn't want to eat the pork chop with just my fingers... it was in apple sauce and it would have been very messy.

Well, the day before our manager had bought us a big thing of hot pockets, burritos and ice creams because we had done very well on a Secret Shop. Everyone was really excited about it. So I figured I'd just eat a hot pocket and save the pork chops for dinner. I microwaved the hot pocket and then had to help a customer. When I came back, the hot pocket was cold... but the microwave didn't have power. I plugged it in again and nothing.

By this point I was really really hungry and also very very grouchy. "Is someone just trying to mess me up here!?" I was frustrated. So I decided to go upstairs to the chocolate factory and buy one of their croissant sandwiches. When I was up there, I saw plastic forks. But my pork chop was cold by now anyway. So I got my croissant and I actually got to eat it too. Yeah!

I thought my hard times were over. Well, I found out today that I popped the circuit breaker with the microwave.... and the refrigerator too. Yep, all of our frozen food was destroyed. The ice cream is melted. The hot pockets and burritos are completely thawed. Ugh. We lost it all.

So I had Aaron take me to Costco and I bought us some hot pockets and some ice cream sandwiches. Ugh. When it rains it pours. So hopefully that'll make up for it a little bit. *sigh*

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Thistlerose said...

yikes, i know how grouchy you get on low fuel. i´m glad no one got maimed ;P