Friday, January 26, 2007

Welcome to WarCrack!

So I've done it... I've had my first taste. And it was good. And I want more. I've joined the 7.5 million users of World of Warcraft. It is lots of fun! I am currently a lvl 12 Warrior. The game has been really interesting. It's obvious that the creators worked hard to differentiate the game from others. I also had a hard time finding a name for my character. All the Book of Mormon names I wanted were already taken... even Romanian spellings of them. So I ended up with Lemuel. lol So I highly recommend the game.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how the mighty are fallen - you need to be careful. I played WoW a couple times when I was at home last and it can eat up ALL your free time if you're not careful. It's worse than Zelda that way.