Monday, October 02, 2006

Okay class,

It's time for a pop quiz! I know, I know... but you need to be tested to see if you are my friends.

Take it here.

The grading scale will be as follows:

8-10 correct: You know me well and ought to be considered a close friend.
5-7 correct: Fair weather friend? It must be raining outside.
3-4 correct: Maybe you've heard of me... my name is Scott.
2 correct: Would you even wave to me if we crossed paths?
1 correct: Lucky guess?
0 correct: Did you just stumble across this quiz? Stumble elsewhere.

How did you do? This test is also used to determine if you're a doppelganger alien replicon.


mightybob said...

wait, what's your name?

Anonymous said...

I think I got doppelganger status, but I'm less of a doppelganger than Aaron!