Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Seventies!

71. I don't believe that "hell" and "damn" are swear words.
72. My favorite calling has been Sunday School teacher.
73. I'd like to invent silent Velcro.
74. I've lived in Utah 18 years.
75. I can't ice skate, roller skate, or rollerblade.
76. I don't chew gum.
77. I purposely never got my Eagle scout badge.
78. I've been first counselor in two branch presidencies.
79. If I had to get a piercing, I would get a tiny silver ring on my left eyebrow.
80. I don't like Yoda.

Yeah! I have my list back!


mightybob said...

I loved Yoda as a child - always reminded me of President Kimball. And he's so darn cute!

. said...

These facts are getting more detailed as you go along. I don't chew gum either, and I didn't want to get my Eagle scout but my parents dragged me through it.

You better tell us when you get that silent Velcro invented, I hate that sound.