Sunday, April 09, 2006


41. I hate winter.
42. I am the only person in my family who is not married and has at least two boys.
43. Mint is my favorite flavor.
44. My favorite beverage is an 80/20 mix of pink lemonade and Sprite.
45. I'm an ectomorph.
46. I can't catch a ball or frisbee.
47. I have an excellent memory for faces.
48. My favorite numbers are currently: 27, 78, and 2.
49. I always keep my most current fortune cookie fortune in my wallet.
50. I love techno, 80s and pop music.


mightybob said...

#42 sounds like you're not married, but you have at least 2 boys.
Hey, I can't catch a ball or frisbee, either - in fact, I avoid any sport that involves a projectile object.

Madam_Author said...

Ditto bob's comment--you have two boys?! :P

Sobek said...

Do you still have those seven different versions of Ring of Fire I got you?