Thursday, April 13, 2006

Voting with your voice

I have to say I've taken an interest in the current beard issue. It seems like an issue that hits home for many of us. I personally believe we should alter the Honor Code to allow well kept beards and goatees. I think it should be a matter of personal choice for each man. Now this is a little bit odd as I am one of those men who is blessed or cursed (depending on your side of the issue) with not being able to grow any substantial facial hair. But I think allowing facial hair will not detract from the campus' cleancut appearance or bring anyone closer or further from Church standards. That is exactly why it should be allowed.

To all of you who defend the Honor Code and believe it should not be altered, "Thou fool, that shall say: [An Honor Code], we have got [an Honor Code], and we need no more [Honor Code]. Okay, I was totally kidding. But at a school which is not a democracy, we do not have a chance to vote for our policies and policy makers. Being able to voice our opinions in the Daily Universe, protesting on campus, and discussing with our friends, roommates, and classmates is the closest we get to letting ourselves be heard. So don't yell that we should just accept the status quo or believe that because we signed a document that we must turn off our brains and no longer hold opinions. Just because I signed a paper making me a registered Republican doesn't mean that I can't or shouldn't vote Democrat if I feel they do a better job. And if I ever vote Democrat it will no more be an embarrassment to the Church than putting tape on my mouth to symbolize my beliefs or by writing to the Universe to express my opinions. We vote with our voices. I think rather the Church and Prophet should be proud that one of its universities is breeding critical and independent thought.

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BigRedHammer said...

BTW, this entry was actually a letter to the Daily Universe editorial page. And it got published!