Friday, March 31, 2006

The V

Yet another film review coming at you from the Hamma'. (That's thug for bigredhammer.) Before I begin that I will remind you all that tomorrow is a very cool day. If my roommates read my blog--which they don't-- they would beware. Mwahahaha!

Anyway, "V for Vendetta". It's tagline is "an uncompromising view of the future." and it lives up to its name. The future the Wachowski brothers (creators of The Matrix) paint is one dark with dictatorship, little hope for the common man, manipulation, and well, crazy heroes. But it is the crazy hero that gives the common man hope. And that hope is crucial. I wouldn't think that this future is actually possible. Sadly, history has shown us that indeed it is possible. Facism, nazism, and communism do exist. The Vendetta world is based on the goverments created during the World War II period. Everything in this movie is sadly within reach of mankind.

I don't want you to think that this movie is only sad and depressing. I walked away with a good feeling, one of patriotism, and knowing that there are things worth dying for. In the end it has a bright message: The good in mankind will prevail over the evil.

As for being rated R, this movie gets its rating from adult situations, and some gushing blood from fighting. The blood was completely unnecessary. This movie will draw you in and I will definitely own it when it is released. Bravo Wachowski Brothers!

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