Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scott needs...

Okay, so I read my friend Bob's blog and I'm going to use her idea. (Okay, I asked her first.) So you go to and you put your name with the word 'needs' with quotes. Like this: "Scott needs". It can be very uh... interesting. Here are mine:

Why Scott needs Mozilla I actually wonder why I need Mozilla. I'm not even sure what it is. But you can need something you don't know exists... so I guess this follows suit.

Scott needs nude models Uhhh.... don't ask me! What would I even do with them!?

Scott needs to get out more Now that is debatable!

Scott needs to step up now To what? And for what purpose?

Scott needs to back up his regrets with action Wisdom. However, right now I have no regrets. But if I were a fortune cookie, that would be my fortune.

Whatever his issues, Scott needs to get over them Are these googles fortelling something amiss in my future? Only time will tell... and I guess.

Scott needs a partner Agreed!

Scott needs the practice It has been awhile since I've tickled the ivories.

Scott needs more of Mike's guitar Mike! I didn't even know you had a guitar!

Scott needs to access all seven sites I wonder what sites those are? The Seven Sites of the Devil? The Seven Sites of the Ancient World?


mightybob said...

Scott, I don't see what's debatable about #3 - especially if #7 is true, and if so, it sounds a lot to me like #6 needs to be resolved first ;). *muuuhahahaha!*

. said...

You play the piano?


Written any music?

mightybob said...

I like the blue! And I definitely prefer this profile pic to the last one :) Mai ne vedem joi.
O si vai - o sa mergi la potluckul lui Daniel aceasta sambata? (Nu vreau sa merg singura!)