Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Can I say 'Wow!'

First of all, my good friend Joe gave a link to an interesting site. It's called reddit. Basically it's a fully democratic news site. Meaning the readers are the ones who determine what news stories are presented. These news articles come from all sorts of networks like CNN, BBS, etc. I highly recommend it if you'd like to stay on top of breaking news in many topics. So there's my plug.

Now to the heart of my post. I was just on reddit and checked out an article from the Sunday Times. Now this is breaking medicial/scientific news. A certain strain of laboratory mice have been discovered to have regenerative properties. The strain, known as MRL have regenerated amputated toes, tail and ears or damaged organs, such as the heart. And as the scientist said "[We] just watched them regrow." For those of you wondering about the science of this miracle here it is:

“We have found that the MRL mouse seems to have a higher rate of cell division,” she said. “Its cells live and die faster and get replaced faster. That seems to be linked to the ability to regenerate.”

Professor Ellen Heber-Katz has also said that humans almost certainly have comparable genes.


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