Sunday, August 22, 2004

Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete.

I just finished reading this article from the Washington Post on Yahoo news. This is the first time I've known in any detail what the swift boat accounts and accusations were about. The article was written by Michael Dobbs of the Washington Post. I am pleased to say that the article presents both sides of the arguement fairly. If you don't know about the significance of the swift boat accounts to the Kerry campaign, here is the short of it: Kerry served in Vietnam on boats (swift boats) patrolling rivers. He received several awards for his service during this time. He has made that service a defining point in his campaign against Bush and used it to rally support. This article goes through the evidence from both Kerry's side and his detractors.

Read it! You'll learn a lot and be able to form your own opinion.

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Map Maker said...

Wow, so you're the other person on the planet who has read The Alliance. Very good book.
Like I've said, right now I believe S B Veterans for Truth. I'll admit it's probably hard to know the whole truth about something that happen so long ago. Even if Kerry has told the truth, I'm sure there are others who: volunteered for duty, served longer, recieved more wounds and earned more metals. Why don't we elect one of them instead of him? Because military service in not a prerequisite for the Presidency. It's hardly relevant at all. I don't really care what he did in the Vietnam war. His political views and record in the Senate are enough for me to know that I don't want him to be the next President.