Saturday, August 21, 2004

Communist? No.

So about an hour ago I was watching the Olympics. I watched a woman make a world record in some sort of swimming event. I also watched the women's 100m and some men's medley swimming race. The US won in one of those events I saw. But for the way the broadcasters and announcers went on, you'd think the US had won all of them. If one competitor beat the US, then the announcers would say "He was ahead of the US by 1.35 seconds." Everything is merely a comparison to how the US competed. And I don't think I'm too far-fetched with this scenario: Let's say the US basketball team didn't happen because of some scandal here. I bet that basketball wouldn't even be covered at all.

And you may say, what do you expect from America? If you were watching from Bulgaria, the Bulgarian broadcasters would be doing the same thing for their teams. True. However I am sure that they would not be as strong as it is here. I can't expect an impartial showing of the Olympics, but I can expect them to at least show foreign competitors when they win. I can expect them to show the competitors' fans, and congratulate the winners.

This is Scott with a larger world view than most Americans, signing out.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you - i live in the U.S. and it gets to be too much. The media here is too biased - makes the whole olympics a bore.