Sunday, August 01, 2004

Fast Sunday

As the title states, today was fast Sunday. And it was a beautiful one as well. Many testimonies were born on missionary work and missionary experiences. It reminded me of how good it is to have someone you know learning about the Gospel and accepting it step by step. It is a faith and testimony building process. But not only for the investigator, but for the members involved. I would like to share the Gospel with someone. I'd like to feel those feelings again which were so strong on my mission.

Sunday School went very well too. Kate taught the class I was in. It was in Alma, around chapter 40 I believe. Alma was giving advice to his sons. This lesson included my favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon, chapter 38. I chose that as my favorite scripture on my mission. It seemed like the perfect advice from a father to a missionary son. But the lessons learned there apply to me at all times. It was very good to hear it again. It's prompted me to seek some positive changes in my life.

We had break the fast after Church and it went very well. There was plenty of food and lots of people showed up. And then started raining. Beautiful summer rain. We moved into the laundry room. But the rain is so nice. Cooling and beautiful. I like this. I wouldn't want it all the time, but summer rain is pleasant.

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Ohh! I got mentioned in your Blog! Go me! :) Ok, I am really bored at the moment and am eagerly awaiting 9PM to go pick up a certain younger sister at the airport...