Saturday, July 31, 2004

The moon is full and beautiful.

Yes. Yes it is. Well here I am. Today has nothing of merit to report. My roommate Matt did not renew his contract for fall/winter. Kyle (sr.) has bought it. Kyle's a good guy and I look forward to him living here. However, I was hoping some new guy would move in... breath some new life into this apartment. Ah well.

And tomorrow is August. My how time flies. Matt and I need to get our hometeaching done as well. It should be easy... we have one girl to get, and the two men are also our hometeachers, so we'll just do it together. It just has to get done.

I need to get on a better sleep schedule. One o'clock would be an excellent time to go to sleep. Generally I get caught up in something stupid like playing Halo with the roommates or something of that nature.

Well folks, have a good night, I know I will.

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