Tuesday, July 27, 2004


So, I've been working on writing my own murder mystery.  I think I started this thing about two years ago but just put it away till now.  I've gotten pretty far with it too.  I have all the characters' backgrounds and motives finished.  Now I have to figure out the sequence of events, the clues, and the acquaintances.  I look forward to getting it finished and trying it out.  I don't know, I enjoy making new creative things from stuff I see.  I did it as a kid and I continue to do it now.  I think my biggest problem is sticking with it.  I'll get far in a project and then get bored and put it away for a long time.  But eventually they get done.

So the weather here has been very interesting.  We've had overcast days, rainy days and cooler temperatures.  My mom told me that we haven't had a day over 100 yet.  All this is good for my garden though.  The plants are really taking off.  Jill needs to get a lead testing kit to make sure that we can eat the onions.  The garden is right next to the house so we're afraid of the lead paint.  But the peppers are still good.  (and the best part of the garden anyway.) 

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