Monday, July 26, 2004

Democrat Unity

Senator Clinton claims that the desire to remove Bush from office has "has united Democrats from all ends of the political spectrum."  Democrats from all across the nation are gathering for the Democrat National Convention.  There has been an effort to make the overall theme of the convention more positive in order to sway undecided voters to the Dems.  I find this hilarious!  I know that a lot is possible through the magic of acting and computer graphics (look at The Day After Tomorrow as an example).  But how can you make a campaign that is based on one great negative, 'I am NOT Bush' into something positive?  I don't think Hollywood (and don't think that they wouldn't do it) with all it's power could even achieve that. 

I'm as well finding out that Kerry is a good representative for the Democratic Party.  It seems the speakers at the convention are split on how critical they should appear of the current administration.  This is certainly a chicken and the egg question:  Does Kerry's indecision reflect that of the Democratic Party or vice versa?  It seems at least someone moderate won out as the Democrat National Convention's theme this year is:  "Stronger at Home, Respected in the World."   I would have expected something like:  "Stronger than Bush, Slave to the World."  It will be interesting to see if the desire to draw more voters to the Democratic vote through moderacy will prevail over the unifying hatred of Bush.  I'll place my bet on hatred.

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