Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Levels of Nerd

So I've achieved a new level of nerd.  To give you an idea of where I've been, I'll list some of the nerdy things I do.

I write Star Trek collaborative fan fiction.
98% of the books I own are science fiction
98% of the movies I own (or watch) are science fiction.
I love Tron.
I would *love* to own a Star Trek uniform.

That's just a taste.  I know my nerd level is still low in comparison to some.  But I'm a Gerd (gay + nerd) and that's a whole other breed.

So back on track.  I subscribed to a comic book.  I received it two days ago and I am *so* happy!  I can't wait to get my next edition!  X-Men shows up in my mail box once a month.  No need to go to a comic book store and talk with Comic Book Guy to see if my edition has come in and if they've sold out.  Nope, it just shows up, I read it, enjoy it and anticipate the next.

So this is a new level for me.  Would I like to go to a comic-con?  Yes!  Would I dress up?  Probably!

BTW, all this came about from watching Gay Comic Geek on youtube.com

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