Friday, October 29, 2010

Family is Pretty Sweet

So, I have a pretty cool family.  Yes, my mom and dad and siblings and in-laws are really cool.  But this time I'm talking about a cousin of mine.  I chatted with one of my cousins on facebook yesterday.  This is a cousin from my dad's side, which I don't know as well.  We'd visit his family in Salt Lake every once in awhile.  But since becoming an adult I haven't seen him in years.  As such, we were never very close. 

But yesterday we had a regular chat--how're you doing, how's life and work--you know the bit.  You've had those conversations with acquaintances and relatives you don't know that well.  And I appreciate that.  But he went the extra mile.  He invited Aaron and I over to play Killer Bunnies.  He said that they still needed to meet Aaron. 

Do you know how that makes me feel?  So good!  I feel validated, loved and equal.  I can't thank him enough.  My nuclear family is awesome but I'm finding that my extended family is equally awesome.

If you have gay relatives or friends please ask them about their partners/boyfriends/girlfriends/etc.  Do and ask the same things that you would if they had a heterosexual relationship.  It'll make their day or maybe even more!

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wozzel said...

That’s great! I share the feeling with you. my family are really great, every last one of them always invites us over, if I’m chatting to someone they will always enquire as to how my boyfriend is etc… it really does make you feel loved, equal and supported!