Monday, February 08, 2010


I wish it were spring.  Actually I wish it were summer, but I realize spring must happen first, so I'll settle for that.  It's the sunny days we've been having.  The air is still a little brisk.  And there are clumps of snow everywhere.  But blue skies, sunlight in the morning, and longer days have me wishing dark, dreary winter were gone.  That's why I changed my blog to look a little more spring-winter transitioned.  I normally rename my blog to fit, but "Big Red Not-Really-Spring Hammer" didn't sound good.

To let you know how much I wish it were summer, I have already put up a "Countdown Till Pride" countdown calendar on my facebook profile.  So you're informed, we have 115 days.  I feel gypped from last year's Pride.  It poured on our parade.  And then I caught H1N1 and spent the next few days in a dark room feeling awful.  I didn't get to do most of the fun things I wanted to.  I hope this year will be different.

I also wish our home teachers would have made an appointment.  I didn't hear anything from them in January.  I really had my hopes up too.  But maybe some other time.

I also need to sit down and write my parents a letter or e-mail to let them know how much I appreciated their love and support for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  They treated Aaron and I very well.  I'm sure it must have been hard for them.  But I was touched.

Enough of my ramblings.  I hope you're having a great week!

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