Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I don't normally use my blog to help me make decisions. I have a difficult decision ahead of me and I'm still torn on what to do. I may have to make the choice in a couple hours.

So a little background. Circuit City went out of business in March and I've been without a job since then. I have applied to so many jobs, I can't even keep track. Being on unemployment allowed me time and I'm very thankful for it. But it has run out and I must have a job.

So last week ShopKo responded to application. I had an interview with a manager and it was all right. The interview was very impersonal. He asked maybe eight "If you were in this situation" questions. I answered them easily. Then yesterday I had my second interview with the manager of the store. He was nice and friendly. We talked about available positions. CSS (customer service?) and supervisor were suggested by the first interviewer. The store manager basically picked CSS for me. The position is part time and seasonal and only $8.25/hr. I accepted the job and they said I'll probably come in on Friday.

I also got a phone call from an unknown number and remarked to Aaron and Dan that "I bet you this is another job offer. They always come in at least twos." I answered and it was PC Laptops. For those who don't know, PC Laptops is a computer and repair store with about seven locations in Utah and Nevada.

So after my final interview at ShopKo I went to an interview at PC Laptops which turned into two interviews. Both went rather well. So today I have the third part of the hiring process, "The Test". I'll be at their Murray store for two hours today. They'll get a feel for me and I for them. My first interviewer should be there. I think he's the district manager or higher. The second interviewer told me a little about it. He said, "We'll see if you greet the customers or if you hang out at the back of the store. Or if you answer the phones." I'm not worried about greeting customers at all. I did that all the time at Sharper Image. I'm more worried about what I do when there's nothing for me to do. It's been recommended that I have someone show me the computers and teach me about them. *deep breath*.

So I'm nervous. But that's just part of it. PC Laptops is partially commission. I've never worked in an commission atmosphere. If I make the goal (which I have no idea how achievable it is) I'll make pretty good money. Base pay is only a quarter less than ShopKo is. PC Laptops is also full-time. I don't know which job to take!

I figured it out this morning. PC Laptops intimidates me. ShopKo only needs mediocrity. I'll shine easily there. PCL demands a lot more and it demands things I have only some experience in. If I take the safe job, I'll barely have enough money to pay the bills.

Grr. I wish the choices were easier to make. The positive side is that either way I have a job!


So more news. PC Laptops called today. They chose someone else for the job. *sigh* So I guess that makes my choice easy. I'll settle with mediocrity at ShopKo. I have orientation tomorrow morning. This means cutting back big time. It's only temporary and part-time and the pay is the lowest I've ever been paid since returning home from my mission. I had hoped by getting the PCL job, I'd get rid of our money woes. No such luck. I am very disappointed and down.


Andy said...

Ummm...go with PC Laptops. It's only 25 cents less, not really a big deal, and if you do well and make great commission, then...why not? More money is better. I know it doesn't buy everything including happiness, but it does buy peace of mind. AND, you will be working full time, which means even more money.
Go with PC Laptops. They love you.

Gauss Jordan said...

Umm... it doesn't get any easier. lol

That's creepily on-topic.

Unknown said...

HMM thats a tough one.. have you made a Pro and Con list yet?

El Genio said...

If you want my opinion, go with the job that has greater growth potential. And I'm not talking about growth as in terms of personal skills, but growth as in opportunities for promotion, expanded roles, etc.

Stephen Chapman said...


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ishtheintrepid said...

Sorry to hear about PC Laptops--that always sucks--but hey, employment! I hope that there turns out to be some upside of the job. The job I have right now, I started out 27 hours a week in a different department with no benefits and now I run a department, have benefits and have 40 hours a week. So I'm still hoping for something to make you happy.