Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday my nephew Shane left with his family for home. People often say that you don't realize how much you will miss someone until they're gone. In this case it's different. Aaron and I already knew how difficult it would be to see him go. Over the past two months, we've gotten to know Shane well. He became part of our home and family. We care about him a lot. We even offered to let him stay with us for his senior year.

Perhaps things are best this way. He'll get to spend his senior year with his friends. It's difficult though. I walk past his empty room, or want to play Halo, or paint figures and he isn't here. We'll miss him terribly. But he isn't that far away. My brother has already invited us up to visit and play games.


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ControllerOne said...

Well, at least you had those two months. There is no substitute for living with someone when you want to get to know them. And he'll have the memories of being with the two of you for the rest of his life.